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HSC Full meaning is Secondary Secondary Certificate. It starts every year on April first week. This exam is a one-month long experiment. Examining a preparatory government board exam in HSC of student life.(HSC Result 2017 BD) After listening to 10 years of study in the student life, participating in the SSC exam. Similarly, after hearing the long two year reading for the HSC examination, the HSC board is preparing for the examination. In the student life of the school, there are three more board exams to be attended.

1st of all PSC = primary school certificate.
2nd JSC = Jonior school certificate. 
3rd SSC = seconder school certificate and then
4th HSC = Higher secondery certificate.

After the SSC examination is generally passed, the students are given specific rules according to the rules of the college to read the HSC on the basis of SSC Result 2018. A student has started college after admission and he is ready to take part in his HSC examination. Each year, many students from all boards are registered for two years after the HSC board exams.( HSC Result 2017 BD )

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HSC Result Marksheet

How much students hsc exam participate from all board?
About 660293 students participate in the all  Board HSC for every year. there are 20% girls and 80% boys participate the HSC Board exam.Avarage from all board examine Figure are given below:
HSC exam periods and exam dates are usually given on all boards on the same day. The totall number of students in HSC examine is 660283. The HSC exam usually begins in april month. And till May of this exam, the routine of the exam board continues. Before the HSC exam, a student has to buy and read many books. After three months of ending the HSC examination, then its results were published. The results of the HSC are generally given by education minister Nurul Haque Nahid, according to official directives in the first week of August. Evey year, the total number of Eight board students are appear to part of the examinations. In Bangladesh there is more HSC Board exam pass rate. There are three more board exams to be passed before the board examinations.

Pre-Examination Name and Substitution
  • SSC=school secondar certificate.
  • PSC =primary school certificate and
  • JSC=jonior School certificate.

After these three board examinations have passed then HSC=higher secondary certificate. When a student SSC board exam is passed,after then According to the HSC results,officially admitted to the college set-up. Those who get the opportunity to admitted in some colleges,whose ssc results are good.

Every student can apply for nine colleges for admission to through SSC results. The government has taken new rule for all the students. After that grade,the students started classes for the HSC. A few days later, the college was the first temporary exam. The first periodical examination is conducted by the first year after finished the first year class examnination.

The first annual exam began 10 days after the second year of college examinations. After one month's classes, every student is busy to take participate in the HSC board exam. For the good results in the HSC exam, they have made themselves at that time. After studying three to four months, they check themselves with the pretest and test exam for the HSC board examinations. If these two tests are to be passed, then the HSC board from the college directs the examination. All the students have defined their future on this HSC exam. So before leaving the HSC exam, the students read carefully after reading. So before leaving the HSC exam, the students study carefully for the final board exam. At present, the quality of HSC is immense.( HSC Result 2017 BD ) Every student has to take an HSC board exam to do good in life. After three months of hsc examination,then students get results. When the results are known, every student is happy. The family is very happy and knows that her child hsc board exams have done better HSC Result 2017 BD.


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